A daring journey to hell – a year in Hell Searchers world.

14 Posted by - December 21, 2015 - News

It all started a year ago, when five filmmaking teams set off on a journey to re-define hell. Our filmmakers traveled from Canada to the USA and Japan, from the USA to the Congo, from Poland to Russia and Norway and from Malaysia to Indonesia. As befitted a film telling the story of hell, from the very beginning we were dogged by curious kind of luck (or “hellish” luck as we liked to call it). Starting with printers and gear that failed for no apparent reason, it extended to transportation difficulties, brief adventure with the Russian intelligence agency and something that can only be described as a supernatural phenomenon:) And that was only during a film shoot! We have then set a new path of film distribution by becoming world’s first feature film screened in virtual reality cinema. And we have created presumably the first cross-genre, half documentary, half – fiction coming book stories based on true events from Searching For Hell film sets. But most of all, we have met many extraordinary people from all over the world, who embarked on that journey along with us. We are thrilled that we can share our journey with you!. Thank you for joining us Hell Searchers! We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year! The journey will continue in 2016!