Searching For Hell – Behind a Quest – Get the Free Comic Book Now!

26 Posted by - July 15, 2015 - Books, News, Press

The ‘Searching for Hell’ film’s production process required advanced planning and organization. Five film crews from all over the world participated, traveling far from their base locations to find and film contemporary hells. Our filmmakers traveled from Canada to the USA and Japan, from the USA to the Congo, from Poland to Russia & Norway and from Malaysia to Indonesia. As befitted a film telling the story of hell, from the very beginning it felt like we were dogged by bad luck (or “hellish” luck as we liked to call it), which seemed to go deeper the more the production process progressed. Starting with printers, cars and gear that failed for no apparent reason, it extended to transportation difficulties, and something that can only be described as a supernatural phenomenon:) Go behind the scenes of Searching For Hell film, visit distant lands and see what our filmmakers experienced and learned during their mission to find hell on Earth. Searching For Hell – Behind The Quest – the first documentary comic book is free download now!

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