From Our Nest

Congo 3

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo


Witchcraft, a secret knowledge and practice of sorcerers and witches, has never failed to inspire writers and creators. But what happens when this world of fantasy, created only in human minds, makes its way into reality? You are in Kinshasa – the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. One of the most chaotic places on Earth, rival for the world’s greatest slums… It is also the world where beliefs seep into reality bringing Hell upon its inhabitants. The Hell of children, accused of witchcraft, who are actually victims of terrible crimes such as sexual abuse. Children kicked out of their homes and “tribes.” Kinshasa’s street children live through unimaginable nightmares every day. Unwanted, unloved, abused. This story reveals the contemporary Hell of human belief. Its cruelty and indifference come From Our Nest.