Welcome to Kawah Ijen


Kawah Ijen, East Java, Indonesia

Fumes are irritating the throat and burning the eyes. The air is thick with sulphur and the visibility is close to none. Nevertheless, ghosty shadows of people loaded with unimaginable burdens are climbing progressively uphill. We are in hell, in The Hell, as its resemblance to the abyss of the damned is too striking. Have you seen this before? The reports on Kawah Ijen? Or perhaps, you’ve even visited this hellish place to see it with your own eyes? Did you ask the miner to take a photo with you while he’s carrying 50 pounds of sulfur on his arms and every stop and start costs him unimaginable effort? Did the situation of Kawah Ijen miners improved or did it go from bad to worse? Welcome to Kawah Ijen – the most hellish paradise in the world.


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