Hell Searchers store on RedBubble is now open!

5 Posted by - November 17, 2016 - News
Dear Hell Searchers!

For a year and a half we have been busy with developing a unique and modern story telling project that would give a larger perspective on the subject of hell. Subject that is present in every country and every culture around the world. We aimed with this project to go beyond the obvious religious connotation and discover what hell really means today. Until now, we have independently made six films shot on four continents, and in six different countries.  We then shared our behind the scenes stories in Journeys To Hell and Back book and Behind the Quest comic book.

We were the first documentary film project brave enough to premiere and then screen in virtual reality cinema, and we have exhibited the project around the world at festivals and prestigious art centers. All of this was achieved entirely independently and came from a pure love for documentary story telling and the need to tell the stories without any central interference – simply just as they are. There is still much to tell about hell around the world, and Searching For Hell filmmakers, producers and artists work hard on new creations as well as on delivering your hell message to the public.  But we are also knocking on the doors of Heaven – next stop on our road to DIVINE transmedia trilogy – Hell, Heaven and Purgatory.

Today we are opening a new chapter for this project: our store on RedBubble.com – the most vibrant and most diverse creative community and marketplace on internet 🙂 What you find there are unique Searching For Hell designs on high quality products at very good prices with a variety of season deals.  All purchases in our store help us to develop the project, and share the stories with people around the globe 🙂 So if the idea of independent thought is close to your heart, consider buying your Christmas 2016 gifts in Hell Searchers store 🙂

Thank you Hell Searchers for being with us until now!

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