A Postcard from Hell



Hell, Michigan, USA


Somewhere, in Michigan, USA, a small town lies. Hell itself. With a population of about 70, two streets and three buildings, it is more of a theme park than a town. It’s the best place in the world to go if you’d like to get married dressed as the Devil himself. Or send an infernal greeting to your friends and family from the hellish post office. Or eat ice cream straight from the Crematory shop. And while the whole world believes that Hell is a terrible place to be, to the local community living in Hell means business. It is a gift, really, and they wouldn’t change their Hell for any other place. But there is much more to Hell, Michigan than it shows on the surface. It will not reveal much about itself, until you lend your ear and listen to the story. It follows the ultimate struggle, a tale of death and survival. But it is also a tale of courage, valour and honour. And although demons will never fade completely, it is possible to tame and neighbour them on the road through life. As John Colone did, in this town called Hell.

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