Japan Hell Searchers

Yuki NakamuraYuki Nakamura (Director)

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yuki Nakamura left her homeland for Toronto, Canada in 1989. She majored in Fine Arts Theatre at York University where she studied Set and Costume Design. After graduating in 1994 with the Herman Geiger-Torel Memorial Award, Yuki was recruited by Canada’s First Multicultural Television (CFMT), now OMNI Television, and offered a position as a host/reporter. Yuki was promoted to associate producer and went on to produce their Japanese program for 17 years. She also works as a coordinator for Japanese media visiting Canada.

Yuki completed her first documentary “No More Hiroshima, No More Nagasaki” in 2007. The film won the National Film Board of Canada Colin Low Award for Best Canadian Documentary at the Doxa Documentary Film Festival. Her second piece “Never Forget Never Give Up” was produced to support survivors of the horrendous earthquake that struck north-eastern Japan on March 11th, 2011. The film has raised over $60,000 towards the region’s recovery. She is thrilled to take part in “Searching For Hell.”


Takashi Orikasa (Cinematographer)

Takashi Orikasa, a Japan-based camera operator, started experimenting with single-lens reflex cameras when he was a little over 10 years old. Today, he has over 40 years of experience in photography. His visual sense and talent is highly regarded in Japan and he is very much in request as a camera operator working on commercials, promotional videos, television programs and documentaries. He is currently working on a film about Isoroku Yamamoto, a Japanese World War II Marshal Admiral and commander-in-chief. He first worked with Yuki on “Never Forget Never Give Up” and has accepted Yuki’s challenge to portray Japanese Hell on the breathtaking Izu Peninsula.


Hiroshi Urushido (music composer)

Hiroshi Urushido is a vocalist, piano player and composer. He composed the original musical scores for the documentaries “Never Forget Never Give Up” and “No More Hiroshima, No More Nagasaki” directed by Yuki Nakamura. He is a well-known performer with the popular Japanese pop duo “Cousin” formed by Hiroshi & his real-life cousin Izumi. Since their debut in 1995, their songs have been used in TV commercials, dramas, and for the United Nations International Volunteer Campaign Song. The pair has also supported the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers by composing and recording the music for “Pearl of Africa”, a song written and performed by children in Uganda. Cousin has also been very active collaborating with children in Hiroshima, Japan where the first atomic bomb was dropped. Hiroshi also writes and produces songs for other artists. He appears in many charity concerts and events around the world. Uganda appointed him as the Ambassador of Goodwill and he is the UN Women Sakura Japan Goodwill Ambassador since 2011.