Russia Hell Searchers

Untitled design(3)Paweł Nazaruk (Director, Cinematographer)

Pawel Nazaruk is an award-winning filmmaker/producer with independent filmmaking background. Awards include: Film Outlook Main Prize for Franz Goes For a Fish (2000), Golden KAN for Sianokosy (2001), multiple Jury Level Winner awards at Filmaka (2007-2009), including the favourite short film pick by Wim Wenders for Neighbors), and The Documentary Film Scholarship from the Polish Film Institute for An Arab Invades Plutycze (2010). He’s also the co-author of a feature-length documentary Where Are You, Teresa O.? produced by HBO Poland (presently in development).


Tomek (Strzala) Adamski (Director)

Tomek (Strzała) Adamski is a Poland based independent filmmaker and festival selector. As a member and contributor to two film collectives “Podlasie Makes Me Happy” and “Podlasie Films Attacks” he has co-produced, directed and participated in various documentary and feature projects. His films were presented and awarded at many festivals in Poland (CK OFF Przemyśl 2013/2014, Offeliada Polska 2013, 17th Meridian Film Festiwal Góry Stołowe 2013,2014, Barejada 2013 ) and were screened at numerous festivals abroad including: USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Bialorus, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Georgia. He is  a speaker and selector at Zuboofka International Film Festival – one of the biggest short film festivals in Poland ( One of his latest film projects is an award winning documentary (Big) Lapiak funded from a scholarship from President of Białystok City. As holder of Ph.D in Humanities he shares his extensive film knowledge and experience with university students as a tutor and gives lectures on history of film at academic conferences.