Searching For Hell premieres on Digital HD.

15 Posted by - October 26, 2015 - News, Where to watch

It has been a great and very personal voyage to hell for every member of Searching For Hell team and we are thrilled to share that journey with you!

Searching for Hell is the project born out of freedom of expression. The filmmakers had the freedom to create and deliver their vision of hell without any central interference and calculations. Our goal was to show different perspective on hell through the eyes of it’s inhabitants and their experiences. To go beyond the obvious religious connotations and dig deeper, to the very individual meanings of hell.  We have listened to the stories of people from contemporary hells all over the world. And what we have discovered was, that quite often hell is not what it seems at the first sight. It is not were your first impressions would lie. We lived through many experiences during the creation of the film, the great ones and the bad ones. The adventurous and the ones that made us angry. We have met many wonderful people during our hellish journey, and received huge support from our audience. And we are thrilled that we can finally share all of this with you. This Halloween see the hell for what it really is.

Searching For Hell available now on Digital HD!