Searching For Hell Documentary Film

Searching For Hell now on Digital HD

Hell exists. It's just not what you think it is.

Prepare yourself for a unique cinematic and transmedia experience. “Searching For Hell” – world’s first feature – length documentary screened and distributed in virtual reality cinema – will take you on a trip where most people do not dare to go. To hell. Five film-making teams embarked on a journey around the world, to tell creative and personal stories of people inhabiting contemporary hells; from the alleged entrance to the abyss of the damned in a distant Russia, American theme-park-like town called Hell, a house converted to a morbid vision of Buddhist underworld in Japan and deadly sulfur lake in Indonesia, to a dark – present day Congo. Visually stunning and provoking documentary “Searching For Hell” leads you through devil’s territory and enables you to see what it can be in the modern world.


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