Searching For Hell – First Feature Documentary Film in Virtual Reality Cinema – Playing Now!

25 Posted by - June 29, 2015 - News, Press, Where to watch

SFH CineveoThe subject of Hell is as universal as it gets. Hell, with so many meanings, associations, and emotions it arouses, has for thousands of years fascinated people all over the globe. The burning flames of eternal fire never fail to inspire writers, musicians, painters. But do you know what Hell really is?

Searching For Hell – feature documentary and transmedia project debuted on Friday 19th 2015 at Open City Documentary film festival in London during Virtual Reality Days as the first feature-length documentary film in Virtual Reality Cinema. Alongside with our partners Let the Film Do the Talking and Cineveo we have set a new direction in film distribution and entered the cinema landscape of tomorrow – VR!

Visit distant lands, meet the inhabitants of contemporary hells and discover different faces of hell on Earth! Immerse yourself in Searching For Hell Virtual Reality Experience Now! All you need to watch Searching For Hell in VR is your own Android mobile, your favorite VR headset (we recommend FreeFly VR, Homido or Google Cardboard) and Cineveo Searching For Hell app. Get it now in Google Play store!

Searching For Hell – Now Playing in Virtual Reality Cinema Cineveo!


*Before purchasing the app, please, check your mobile’s compatibility on app’s page!