Searching for hell – world’s first feature-length documentary in Virtual Reality Cinema

29 Posted by - June 15, 2015 - News

We are thrilled to announce that Searching for hell will be the first feature documentary film premiered in Virtual Reality Cinema CINEVEO.


Searching for hell has been a very exciting and eye – opening journey from a day one. We have visited different countries and cultures, we have walked through many experiences. The good ones and the ones that nobody should have to experience. We claim that our total adventures and experiences number exceeded the standard on documentary film set. And we are thrilled that we can pass on those experiences in such immersive and modern way as it is offered by Virtual Reality Cinema Cineveo. To let the audiences see what we have seen, feel what we have felt and taste what we have tasted during our quest to find hell on Earth. We hope that this immersive form of film exhibition will not only help to understand better the meaning of contemporary hell but also to inspire action wherever the action is needed.


Join us during virtual days at Open City Documentary festival in London on June 19th to experience Searching for hell in virtual reality – the future of cinema landscape.

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