Searching For Hell project in prestigious Pier-2Art Center!

7 Posted by - September 1, 2016 - Exhibitions, News

We are very happy to announce that Searching For Hell project has been invited to exhibit at prestigious Pier -2Art Center in Taiwan!

“Hell is the realm of the afterlife which the living are unlikely to approach, but many stories about living people’s experience of infernal journey have been told around the world. The illustrations of Hell vary according to historical and cultural context. What is the contemporary hell like?

The Underground Adventure  exhibition at Pier-2Art Center attempts to reinterpret  a journey to hell  through contemporary art works and VR technology. Visitors will be enabled to immerse themselves in the hell, and contemplate humanity and social issues as the judges of Hell.

At the show we will exhibit full transmedia Searching For Hell project, including Cinveo/Searching For Hell VR ap, behind the scenes photo stories and Behind the Quest – presumably first cross- genre, documentary-fiction comic book, covering the stories of some of unexpected incidents from film sets in Japan, USA, Indonesia, Norway, Russia and DR Congo.  See you in October!