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Imagine watching a film in a movie theater without leaving your house. Imaging having your own, personal movie theater, where you are the one to decide what to watch and when to watch it. CINEVEO uses state-of-the-art virtual reality technology and extends the user’s movie watching experience well beyond the edges of the silver screen, making traditional 2D screen viewing appear truly archaic.

Searching For Hell film is now playing in full version of Cineveo Virtual Reality Cinema, giving our viewers even more immersive theater experience.

With Cineveo Searching For Hell app now you can:

– Watch Searching For Hell feature film in virtual reality theater.

– Watch your own collection of your favorite films in virtual reality theater.

– Reset orientation to watch Searching For Hell even in vertical position – while laying comfortably in your bed.

– Navigate in “hands – free” mode without having to touch the keyboard (play, pause, fast forward, fast rewind, video bar, light on, lights off, exit, reset).

– Reset orientation by tabbing the screen.

– Enjoy smooth Searching For Hell film experience with new enhancements: head-tracking stabilization, 80% less shakiness, smoother head tracking, popular smartphones detection and automatic adjustment of the screen image to provide the correct IPD (Interpupillary distance).

Cineveo Searching For Hell it’s not just an application, it’s an exciting journey into a cinema landscape of tomorrow. A journey, that will change forever the way you watch films.

Experience Searching For Hell in your own Virtual Reality Theater – Cineveo Now!

What users have to say about Cineveo & Cineveo Searching For Hell apps?

Fantastic experience. You must see the film!
The application works just great. The movie is amazing as well.
Watching 3D movies (or just 2D movies really) is a killer app for VR headsets (if you have a strong neck), and Cineveo is a great way to do it.
I absolutely love it; nothing like watching movies in your own virtual cinema.
When you watch movies using Cineveo it really is like being at the movies watching your favorite films on a big screen. And just like the movies , if you pick a seat right up front you will have to look left and right to catch all the action :).