2015 Searching for hell official trailer released!

16 Posted by - March 27, 2015 - News, Press

The trailer for the feature-length film about contemporary hell on Earth has been released!


The documentary Searching for Hell tells very personal and creative stories of five inhabitants of hell on Earth, revealing it’s different meanings and locations in contemporary world. On the occasion of trailer release, the originator and executive producer of the Searching for Hell film – Pawel Nazaruk, shared his insights about the documentary concept and the beginning of the project.


“Hell is intriguing.” Said Pawel Nazaruk. “I’d love to be offered a trip to Hell and safely back. But since these were hard to find in travel agencies, I came up with the idea to go to Hell on my own and shoot a documentary about it. The subject really gripped me when I started digging into the story of a Siberian borehole (the deepest in the world still today) and the sounds of repenting souls allegedly recorded there. That became the starting point to embark on the search for Hell across all of the different meanings that it has in our culture, history and present day life.”

Searching for Hell documentary is scheduled to premiere in the end of 2015. Sign up to our Newsletter to stay up-to-date with with our project!